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Aerobridge.io: How to report an incident?

In this article you will learn how to report an incident during flight operations via Aerobridge. Incidents reporting must have a photo and also be linked to a part in the the assembly. To perform these actions, you will need a account in Aerobridge Management Server, to get a account for yourself, please join us during our office hours.

The problem

During flight operations sometimes there are incidents that lead to minor or major damage to components in the vehicle assembly. These are normally recorded in a system like Excel or notebooks that are maintained by the Drone Operator or Drone Service Provider. Aerobridge provides the digital infrastructure to report incidents to specific parts that can help the operator maintain world-class incident management system.

Applies to

Aerobridge Lite Plan and above

What do you need?

To create a new incident in Aerobridge, you will need:

  • an account with the Lite plan in Aerobridge with your fleet and assembly details
  • a photo / image of the damaged drone taken on your phone or available on your device

Report an incident

Follow the steps below to report an incident in the Aerobridge Management Server. This is essentially a two-step process where you upload a photo first and then create a incident associating the photo to a component:

  1. Step 1. Upload your photo
    • Go to Data locker -> Files Manager
    • Click on + Add a file
    • Upload tour photo and select File type as Photo in the dropdown list
  2. Step 2. Report an incident
    • Go to Trusted Flights -> Aircraft
    • Select the impacted aircraft and click on + Report an Incident
    • Select the photo that you have uploaded, it should appear in the dropdown, if your photo does not appear see step 1 above
    • Select one of the Impacted Components, add Notes describing briefly and precisely details about the incident.
    • Set the New status of the component, usually it is Damaged or Needs Attention.


Your incident will be added to the management server, the component will be removed from the Assembly automatically as well. The assembly status will be set to Parts need review

Good to know

If multiple components are impacted in an incident, then multiple incident report must be created, in Aerobridge one incident report is linked to one component.

Video Demonstration

  • aerobridge-howto